About Me

It’s hard to know exactly when and how my journey as a writer began.

Did it start when I was four, and my parents read me books like Where the Wild Things Are, One Morning in Maine, Frog and Toad, and The Cat in the Hat, over and over again?

Did it start when I was seven, and I loved typing stories on my father’s typewriter? It was so much fun to see the typewritten text come out on the paper, and then illustrate it with a fresh box of Crayola markers, right there on the page.

Carrie at around 10 years old

Did it start when I was in fifth grade, and read all the time? I used to lie on top of the radiator in the front hall of our chilly 100-year-old house and read. I loved mysteries like Nancy Drew, horse books like Misty of Chincoteague, magical books like those by Edward Eager and E. Nesbit, and creepy witch stories like those by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Later, I grew into reading the Anne of Green Gables series, Agatha Christie, Madeline L’Engle, Cynthia Voight, and Dick Francis.

Did it start with encouraging teachers, like my middle school and high school English teachers who praised my writing, and taught me so much? I can still remember the “Preposition Song” that my seventh-grade teacher taught — and I still know all my prepositions!

Did it start when I majored in English in college, and wrote articles for the student newspaper? One hard-hitting story exposed the dire need for a new printer in the campus computer center to cut down on wait times.

Did it start when I worked as an editor and producer in educational publishing and software development? These jobs required both creativity and organization, and lots of time thinking about what kids would like and be engaged by. (Oops! Looks like I ended that sentence with a preposition!)

I like to think that all of these experiences are pillars in my foundation as a writer. But it wasn’t until I spent hours each day reading picture books with my own kids that I knew I wanted to write children’s books.

I love reading aloud, and laughing along, with books!

It took a lot of time, and practice – almost 10 years of taking classes, reading, and writing, writing, writing. The thing about writing is, there is always more to learn. Each new story has something to teach you. I love that I get to keep learning.

When I’m not writing, I like to go on hikes and bike rides with my family, watch movies, and play board games.

My attic workspace, all ready with a cup of tea.

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A Dozen of My
Favorite Things

Favorite Doughnut: Glazed

Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla, underneath a LOT of hot fudge!

Favorite Controversial Food: Black licorice (it’s the only REAL licorice!)

Favorite Animal:
Cats (horses are a close second)

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Office Supply:
Post-its! I use them for everything.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Any beach with enough surf for boogie boarding

Favorite Footwear:
Slippers (good thing I work at home!)

Favorite Friday Night:
Pizza and a movie

Favorite Book Character:
Ramona Quimby

Favorite Amusement Park Ride:
Ferris Wheel

Favorite Picture Book from Childhood:
One Morning in Maine
by Robert McCloskey

Official Bios

Short Version (75 words)

Carrie Finison writes children’s books with humor and heart, including Dozens of Doughnuts; Lulu & Zoey: A Sister Story; Hurry, Little Tortoise, Time for School; and Don’t Hug Doug, which was named an ALA Notable Children’s Book in 2022. Her newest book is Pigs Dig a Road, coming in September, 2024. She lives in the Boston area with her family. Visit her online at www.carriefinison.com, or follow on Twitter or Instagram. @CarrieFinison

Long Version (175 words)

Carrie Finison began her literary career at the age of seven with an idea, a box of markers, and her father’s typewriter. She has been writing off and on ever since, though she has (somewhat regretfully) traded in the typewriter for a laptop. She is the author of Dozens of Doughnuts (Putnam, 2020), a Junior Library Guild selection; and Don’t Hug Doug (Putnam, 2021), an ALA Notable Children’s Book, which received starred reviews from both Kirkus and Publishers Weekly. She is also the author of Lulu & Zoey: A Sister Story (Running Press Kids, 2022); Hurry, Little Tortoise, Time for School! (Random House Studio, 2022); and her newest picture book Pigs Dig a Road, which will release in September, 2024. When she’s not writing, Carrie enjoys reading mystery novels, trying new recipes, and curling up on the couch for family movie nights. She lives outside Boston with her husband, son, daughter, and two cats who permit her to write in their cozy attic office. Find her online at www.carriefinison.com or follow her on Twitter or Instagram @CarrieFinison.