Press Kit

What you’ll find here: contact information for media inquiries about my books, descriptions and links to the publisher’s page for each book, and access to high resolution head shots and book covers.


Short Version (75 words)

Carrie Finison writes children’s books with humor and heart, including Dozens of Doughnuts; Lulu & Zoey: A Sister Story; Hurry, Little Tortoise, Time for School; and Don’t Hug Doug, which was named an ALA Notable Children’s Book in 2022. Her newest book is Pigs Dig a Road, coming in September, 2024. She lives in the Boston area with her family. Visit her online at, or follow on Twitter or Instagram. @CarrieFinison

Long Version (175 words)

Carrie Finison began her literary career at the age of seven with an idea, a box of markers, and her father’s typewriter. She has been writing off and on ever since, though she has (somewhat regretfully) traded in the typewriter for a laptop. She is the author of Dozens of Doughnuts (Putnam, 2020), a Junior Library Guild selection; and Don’t Hug Doug (Putnam, 2021), an ALA Notable Children’s Book, which received starred reviews from both Kirkus and Publishers Weekly. She is also the author of Lulu & Zoey: A Sister Story (Running Press Kids, 2022); Hurry, Little Tortoise, Time for School! (Random House Studio, 2022); and her newest picture book Pigs Dig a Road, which will release in September, 2024. When she’s not writing, Carrie enjoys reading mystery novels, trying new recipes, and curling up on the couch for family movie nights. She lives outside Boston with her husband, son, daughter, and two cats who permit her to write in their cozy attic office. Find her online at or follow her on Twitter or Instagram @CarrieFinison.

Media Inquiries

Pigs Dig a Road
Contact: Karter Powell
Associate Publicist, Penguin Young Readers Group

Lulu & Zoey: A Sister Story
Contact: Kara Thornton
Assistant Director of Publicity, Running Press

Hurry, Little Tortoise, Time for School!
Contact: Kathy Dunn
Assistant Director of Publicity, Random House Children’s Books

Don’t Hug Doug
Contact: Anna Elling
Associate Publicist, Penguin Young Readers Group

Dozens of Doughnuts
Contact: Tessa Meischeid
Senior Publicist, Penguin Young Readers Group

General/Other Inquiries
Contact: Linda Epstein
Senior Agent, Emerald City Literary Agency

Book Information

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Dozens of Doughnuts

Illustrated by Brianne Farley
(G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, July 21, 2020)
ISBN: 978-0525518358

Description: A generous but increasingly put-upon bear makes batch after batch of doughnuts for her woodland friends without saving any for herself in this delightful debut picture book about counting, sharing, and being a good friend.

LouAnn (a bear) is making a doughnut feast in preparation for her long winter’s nap. But just before she takes the first bite, DING DONG! Her friend Woodrow (a woodchuck) drops by. LouAnn is happy to share her doughnuts, but as soon as she and Woodrow sit down to eat, DING DONG! Clyde (a raccoon) is at the door. One by one, LouAnn’s friends come over–Topsy (an opossum) and then Moufette (a skunk) and then Chip and Chomp (chipmunks)–until it’s one big party. Louann welcomes her surprise guests and makes batch after batch of doughnuts, always dividing them equally among her friends. But she makes one BIG miscalculation. Soon LouAnn’s kitchen is bare, winter is near, and she’s had nothing to eat at all!

Themes: Friendship, sharing, social-emotional learning, math, division, hibernation

Dozens of Doughnuts – Penguin/Random House page

Don't Hug Doug

Illustrated by Daniel Wiseman
(G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, January 26, 2021)
ISBN: 978-0525518358

Description: Meet Doug, an ordinary kid who doesn’t like hugs, in this fun and exuberant story which aims to spark discussions about bodily autonomy and consent.

Doug doesn’t like hugs. He thinks hugs are too squeezy, too squashy, too squooshy, too smooshy. He doesn’t like hello hugs or goodbye hugs, game-winning home run hugs or dropped ice cream cone hugs, and he definitely doesn’t like birthday hugs. He’d much rather give a high five–or a low five, a side five, a double five, or a spinny five. Yup, some people love hugs; other people don’t. So how can you tell if someone likes hugs or not? There’s only one way to find out: Ask! Because everybody gets to decide for themselves whether they want a hug or not.

Themes: Bodily autonomy, consent, friendship, social-emotional learning

Don’t Hug Doug – Penguin/Random House page

Lulu & Zoey: A Sister Story

Illustrated by Brittany Jackson
(Running Press Kids, June 7, 2022)
ISBN: 978-0762473984

Description: Sometimes Lulu wants to play, but her big sister Zoey doesn’t. Sometimes Zoey tries to share, but Lulu won’t. Sometimes, it is HARD to get along with a sister! But, sometimes, sisters come together and create something wonderful. This charming story follows the adventures of Lulu and Zoey as they navigate the ups and downs of sisterhood and find there is room in their hearts for each other.​

Themes: Sisterhood, sibling rivalry, family, conflict resolution

Lulu & Zoey: A Sister Story – Running Press Kids page

Hurry, Little Tortoise, Time for School

Illustrated by Erin Kraan
(Random House Studio, July 19, 2022)
ISBN: 978-0593305669

​Description: It’s the first day of school and Little Tortoise is worried. Can she get there on time?

It’s the first day of school and Little Tortoise is ready with a backpack filled with new school supplies. Little Tortoise can’t wait to get to school and tries very hard not to be the last student there.

But soon Cheetah, Llama, and even a snail on a scooter, overtake her.
And then when she gets stuck in the gutter of the book, she’s sure she’ll be the last pupil to arrive! But the timely arrival of Mr. Sloth, her new teacher, changes everything.

Gentle reassuring language full of wordplay, and bold and bright art by an up and coming artist offer students a comforting story about this new experience. Here’s a fresh way to encourage reluctant students to be on their way.

Themes: First day of school, self acceptance, differences connections with teacher

Hurry, Little Tortoise, Time for School – Random House Studio page

Pigs Dig a Road

Illustrated by Brian Biggs
(G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, September 10, 2021)
ISBN: 978-1984816542

Description: A rhyming picture book featuring pig construction workers that’s perfect for fans of Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site.

Construction crew chief Rosie and her team are building a new road to the Hamshire County Fair. It’s time to put on hard hats and boots, grab their hammers and stakes, and, of course, bring out the big trucks: bulldozers, excavators, pavers, rollers, and more!

Unfortunately, work with Rosie’s crew doesn’t always go as planned, and Curly, Pinky, and Stinky end up making one huge mess. Rosie is there to save the day, but she can’t do such a big job all by herself. The county fair is starting soon, and there’s only one way to get the road done on time . . . teamwork!

Themes: Friendship, teamwork, construction vehicles, road-building process

Pigs Dig a Road – Penguin/Random House page


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