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Dozens of Doughnuts Reading Discussion C
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Don't Hug Doug Reading Discussion Guide

Find pre- and post-reading discussion suggestions, companion books that focus on body autonomy, respect for personal boundaries, and consent, and links for further study about these topics.

Download Reading Discussion Guide PDF


Don't Hug Doug Coloring Sheets and Activities

Download coloring page 1

Download coloring page 2

Download Make a Paper High Five

Download Invent Your Own High Five




Dozens of Doughnuts Reading Discussion & Activity Guide

Find pre- and post-reading discussion suggestions, activities, and a list of 'read-alike' companion books that pair well with Dozens of Doughnuts.


Download Reading Discussion & Activity Guide PDF.


Design a Doughnut!

Research what a bear, woodchuck, skunk, or other animal likes to eat, then design a doughnut for that animal.


Think about what a friend or member of your family likes best and design a doughnut just for them!

Download Design a Doughnut PDF.

If you want to, post your design and tag me on social media, or send an email with a picture of your doughnut to carriefinison at gmail [dot com]. I'd love to hear from you!

Count the Doughnuts

While you read the story, count and record how many doughnuts each character eats. Who ate the most? Who ate the least? One worksheet provides space for students to write a number sentence to express what happened in the story. The other (for younger students) allows space to draw the doughnuts and then count and write the total number.

Download Count the Doughnuts (number sentence) PDF.

Download Count the Doughnuts (draw) PDF.

Count the Doughnuts Interactive


This Google slide is set up to enable students drag and drop doughnuts from the story onto the plates of each character. (Use in Google Slides "Edit" mode, not in "Present" mode.)

Open Count the Doughnuts Interactive (will make a copy of the file)



A Note from the Author

This note to share with students poses some math questions about the story in rhyme.

Download A Note from the Author PDF

Download Large Author's Note


Doughnut Counters​


Cut out these doughnut counters and use them for doughnut-related math activities or centers. 

Download Doughnut Counters PDF

Doughnut Recipes​

I've developed two kid-friendly recipes - one for doughnuts that are fried in a small amount of oil, and one for doughnut cookies that taste like farm-stand apple cider doughnuts. Take your pick! Click a recipe to access a file you can download.


Doughnut Crafts​

Here's a link to my doughnut crafts Pinterest board with simple doughnut crafts for kids. For parents, teachers, librarians - anyone who wants an easy doughnut craft to do with kids to go with a reading DOZENS OF DOUGHNUTS.

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