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Author Visits & Appearances


For the 2022-23 school year, I am offering both in-person and virtual visits. Virtual visits are hosted via your school-hosted platform (Zoom, Google Classrom, or other).


• For more information, to customize a presentation, or to schedule a visit, please contact me.

• Need funding? Check out this list of funding sources for school visits.

• Please also check out the free resources listed here.


Presentations for Students

Virtual Story Time + Author Q&A

I will read my book of your choice aloud with your group and then take 10 minutes for questions and answers.

20 minutes

All grade levels, ideal for PreK-3

Any group size


Add-on group art activity for Dozens of Doughnuts – Design a Doughnut (20 minutes)


In-Person Story Time + Author Q&A

I will read my book of your choice aloud with your group, share a little about how I wrote the story and the publishing process, and then have time for questions and answers.

30 minutes

All grade levels, ideal for PreK-3

Any group size

Single presentation (in-person, local): $150

Additional same-day presentations: $75

Revision with Extra Sprinkles

“Good stories are not written. They are rewritten.” In this presentation, I’ll talk about the process of publishing a picture book from idea to publication with a special emphasis on revision, focusing on how a single page of DOZENS OF DOUGHNUTS changed throughout both the writing and illustration process.

45-60 minutes

Ideal for grades 2-5

Any group size - ideal for 20-60

Single presentation: $250 (virtual)/$350 (in-person, local)

Additional same-day presentations: $200

Revision Workshop Add-On

For classes who have watched my revision presentation, I’ll take a deep dive into revision with hands-on, interactive examples that we’ll revise together with a variety of revision strategies (can be customized). This add on can occur immediately after the presentation, or on a separate day.

30-45 minutes

Ideal for grades 2-5

Single classroom


Non-local rates

Local rates listed above apply to any school or library within a 1.5 hour drive of Arlington, Mass. For non-local visits requiring more extensive travel, overnight stays, etc., my 2022-23 fees are as follows:

First presentation: $800

Additional presentations: $350 (up to 3 total presentations per day at one or multiple schools)

Travel expenses will be estimated and broken out in a separate charge.


Conferences and Festivals

I’m available to speak at educator conferences, writer conferences, and book festivals, and am happy to pull together panel presentations with other authors. Some of my past presentations include:


  • Big Laughs (and Little Life Lessons) in Picture Books (panel)

  • STEAMing Up Children’s Books (panel)

  • Soaring Into Marketing with a Debut Group (panel)

  • Get Started in Children’s Magazine Writing

  • Rhyme It Right: A Workshop for Writers

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