Author Visits & Appearances

I love sharing my books with kids, talking about writing and revision strategies, and answering all the thoughtful and surprising questions they ask about writing and bookmaking.

I offer both in-person and virtual visits. Virtual visits are hosted via your school-hosted platform (Zoom, Google Classrom, or other). Need funding? Check out this list of funding sources for school visits.

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Click here to contact me for more information, to customize a presentation, or schedule a visit.

Presentations for Students​

Virtual Story Time + Author Q&A

I will read one book of your choice aloud with your group and then take 10 minutes for questions and answers.

  • 20 minutes
  • All grade levels, ideal for PreK-3
  • Any group size, ideal for 1-6 classrooms at a time
  • $75
  • Add-on interactive drawing/group art activity for Dozens of Doughnuts – Design a Doughnut (+20 minutes) +$35

In-Person Story Time + Author Q&A

I will read a book of your choice aloud with your group, share a little about how I wrote the story and the publishing process, and then have time for questions and answers.

  • 30 minutes
  • All grade levels, ideal for PreK-3
  • Up to 60 students
  • Single presentation (in-person, local): $150
  • Additional same-day presentations: $75

Writers Play with Words

One of the things I love most about writing is finding perfect, juicy words — or even inventing them when I can’t find just the right one! I’ll share some examples of juicy words, vivid verbs, and onomatopoeia from my books, and then do some group writing and movement exercises with students to brainstorm our own fabulous words and use them in sentences.

  • 45-60 minutes
  • Ideal for grades 1-3
  • Up to 60 students
  • Single presentation: $350 (in-person, local)/ $250 (virtual)
  • Additional same-day presentations: $200

Revision with Extra Sprinkles

“Good stories are not written. They are rewritten.” In this presentation, I’ll talk about the process of publishing a picture book from idea to publication with a special emphasis on revision, focusing on how a single page of Dozens of Doughnuts changed throughout both the writing and illustration process.

  • 45-60 minutes
  • Ideal for grades 2-5
  • Up to 60 students
  • Single presentation: $350 (in-person, local)/ $250 (virtual)
  • Additional same-day presentations: $200

Revision Workshop Add-On

For classes who have watched my revision presentation, I’ll take a deep dive into revision with hands-on, interactive examples that we’ll revise together with a variety of revision strategies (can be customized).

  • 30-45 minutes
  • Ideal for grades 2-5
  • Single classroom
  • $150

Non-local rates

Local rates listed above for in-person visits apply to any school or library within a 1.5 hour drive of Arlington, Mass. For non-local visits requiring more extensive travel, overnight stays, etc., my fees are as follows:

  • First day: $1300-$1800 depending on travel requirements (up to 3 presentations at one or multiple schools)
  • Additional days: $350 per presentation (up to 3 presentations at one or multiple schools)
  • Travel expenses will be estimated and broken out in a separate charge.

Contact me to request one of these presentations, and/or create a combination of presentations that works for your school or group.

Public Library Events and Story Times

I’m happy to visit public libraries for story times, or other events for ages 2 and up. My goal is always to make it a friendly and fun event for all attendees. Here are a few ready-to-go ideas, or we can come up with something together:

Doughnut themed story time with Dozens of Doughnuts, including reading the book, serving doughnuts, and doughnut crafts (library provided materials); I also will bring my large stuffed LouAnn bear for kids to meet and take photos with, plus a replica of her apron for them to try on

Back-to-school story time with Hurry, Little Tortoise, Time for School, including reading the book, plus a tortoise craft (library provided materials)

Construction-truck themed story time with Pigs Dig a Road, including reading the book, acting out scenes with popsicle-stick puppets, dress-up construction helmets and vests, and a truck-themed craft (library provided materials)

  • Local rate: $125 (within 1 hour drive of Arlington, Mass.)
  • Non-local rate: Please contact me

Contact me to arrange an event for your library.

Conferences and Festivals

I’m available to speak at educator conferences, writer conferences, and book festivals, and am happy to pull together panel presentations with other authors. Organizations I’ve presented to include the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators; Missouri Association of School Librarians; New Jersey Association of School Librarians; Connecticut Association of School Librarians/nErDCampCT; nErDCampPA; Wisconsin Educational Media & Technology Association; the Fay B. Kaigler Children’s Book Festival; South Carolina Association of School Librarians; New Hampshire School Library Media Association; and Massasoit Community College.

Contact me for rates and to customize a presentation for your organization.

“Carrie Finison is a talented author and presenter who relates very well to young students. In October, Carrie read her book Dozens of Doughnuts for K-3 students during Mass STEM Week 2021. The entire time she had dozens of students engaged in both the story itself and the fun questions she asked wrapped in Maths concepts aligned with students’ lessons at the time. Mass STEM Week is a special time for presenting events to engage and excite students about STEM, allowing them to see themselves in STEM even more. Carrie’s event did just that.” [Grades K-3]

—Heather D., STEM Programs Manager, Metro North STEM Network (Mass.)

“Carrie’s presentation was really excellent. It was great when she got the kids up and moving, a wonderful way to break through the Zoom wall.  Both the library media specialists and the classroom teachers loved her emphasis on finding and using stronger verbs. Her messages about revision were totally on point with what the teachers say every day.” [Grade 2]

—Caren Connelly, Executive Director, WFEE AuthorFest, Winchester, Mass.

“Our kindergarten and first grade students loved Dozens of Doughnuts. Carrie’s engaging read aloud, the beautiful drawn animal characters and topic of doughnuts drew the children in. The students especially loved being able to call out, “Ding-dong,” whenever a new animal friend arrived.

“Carrie also meaningfully engaged with our seventh graders by encouraging them to look at her work through their own writers’ eyes. As she led students through several iterations of her Dozens of Doughnuts drafts, she made side-by-side comparisons and explained the layers of meaning that go into a finished children’s book. They came away from the session with a newfound appreciation for the importance of critique groups and the process of revision; they’re even inspired, now, to write their own children’s books!” [Grades K-1 & Grade 7]

—Susan Jacoby, Librarian, Atrium School, Watertown, Mass.

“We enjoyed Carrie’s visits so much and appreciate her taking time out of her schedule to meet with us. It was a special day for our students and we’ve gotten so much positive feedback from teachers and students. Thanks, Carrie!” [Grades K-5]

—Carly Humphrey, Reading Specialist, Spruce Elementary School, South San Francisco USD, Calif.