Written by Carrie Finison

Illustrated by Brianne Farley

A generous but increasingly put-upon bear makes batch after batch of doughnuts for her woodland friends without saving any for herself in this delightful debut picture book about counting, sharing, and being a good friend.

G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers (Jul 21, 2020)

ISBN 9780525518358


Request a signed copy in the Order Comments field when placing your order. Please note any special personalization (e.g. children's names)

Publisher's Weekly Review - 5/18/20

"The combination of delicious treats and tantalizing delay keeps the tension high, and the cooperative kitchen antics of LouAnn’s guests as they attempt to redress their wrongs...deliver as much satisfaction as the new doughnuts themselves."

The Virginian-Pilot: "3 Sweet Books about Comfort and Compassion" - 5/22/20

Celebrate Picture Books review & craft - 7/23/20

PictureBooks4Learning - 7/23/20

Washington Independent Review of Books - 7/27/20

"Kids will enjoy the clever rhymes so much they won’t suspect they’re getting a math lesson in the process."

Librarian's Quest - 7/28/20

Providence Journal - 8/27/20

"Perfect for reading aloud with a treat on the side."


Written by Carrie Finison

Illustrated by Daniel Wiseman

Meet Doug, an ordinary kid who doesn’t like hugs, in this fun and exuberant story which aims to spark discussions about bodily autonomy and consent.

G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers (Jan 26, 2021)

ISBN 9781984813022


Request a signed copy in the Order Comments field when placing your order. Please note any special personalization (e.g. children's names)

Publishers Weekly Starred Review - 2/10/21

"A gently humorous picture book that kindly, effectively highlights the importance of asking others before initiating physical contact." 

Kirkus Starred Review - 10/20/20

" to read aloud or explore independently. An excellent update on the Golden Rule: treat people how they want to be treated."

Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books - 12/2020

"Doug is not big on hugs—he thinks they’re “too squeezy,” “too squashy,” “too squooshy,” “too mooshy.” Doug’s interests include his rock collection, harmonica bands, and not being hugged, even on his birthday or as consolation for dropped ice cream. He only likes hugs from his mom before bedtime, and of course high-fives. This readaloud is simple and effective in showing young viewers how to establish bodily autonomy—Doug firmly but politely rejects hugs, even as the book suggests different situations where people might hug him. The whimsical displays in digital art of people with oversized heads hugging porcupines and Frankensteins, Doug’s depiction of two robots hugging uncomfortably, and scenes with big groups offering their opinions on hugs (“Who here likes hugs?” “When I’m sad.” “On Tuesdays.” “I’d love a hug right now!”) provide viewers a soft lens through which to consider their own stance. This book would be a great starting point for a conversation about boundaries and how to set them."


Written by Carrie Finison

Illustrated by Erin Kraan

Random House, Summer 2022

HURRY, LITTLE TORTOISE! is about a tortoise who, despite her best efforts, gets passed by all her friends while trying to be on time for school.

Random House Books for Young Readers

Summer, 2022


Written by Carrie Finison

Illustrated by Brittany Jackson

Running Press Kids Summer 2022

LULU & ZOEY follows the relationship of two sisters as they learn to share and get creative together.

Running Press Kids

Summer, 2022

spaced out cover.jpg

My poem "Perseids" appears in SPACED OUT, 

edited by Brian Moses and James Carter.

(May, 2019)

My poem "Ready for Spaghetti" appears in THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY FOR CELEBRATIONS, 

edited by Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell.

(March, 2015)


edited by Heidi B. Roemer and Carol-Ann Hoyte.

(August, 2012)

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I've been reading children's books all my life and I'm delighted that now I get to write them, too!


I write picture books about friendship, sharing, doughnuts, and math (Dozens of Doughnuts, illustrated by Brianne Farley), books about consent and asking for a hug (Don't Hug Doug, illustrated by Daniel Wiseman), books about sisters (Lulu & Zoey, illustrated by Brittany Jackson), books about trying your hardest to be on time (Hurry, Little Tortoise! illustrated by Erin Kraan), and books that I can't even tell you about yet!

I also write poems, stories, and articles for children's magazines like Babybug, Ladybug, High Five, and Highlights.