Magazine Publications

I love writing for children's magazines! Some of my publications include:

"On a Windy Fall Day" – Hello (forthcoming)

"City Sidewalk after the Rain" – Babybug (forthcoming)

"Mouse's Adventure" – High Five, April 2019

"Name That Baby Animal!" – Ladybug, March 2019

"The Picnic" – Ladybug, March 2019

"Night Train" — Ladybug, February 2019

"A Dinosaur Hatches" — Babybug, January 2019

"Stomp! Chomp! Roar!" — Babybug, October 2017

"Sailboat, Sailboat" — High Five, June 2016

"Plane Tracks" — Ladybug, November/December 2015
"I Am an Owl" — Ladybug, October 2015
"Dinosaur Stomp" — Ladybug, September 2015
"Grandma's Letter" — High Five, September 2015
"Bear Snack" — High Five, July 2015
"The World in a Puddle" — Babybug, October 2014
"Family Band" — Highlights, February 2014
"What Sadie Tied" — Ladybug, September 2013

"Idunno" — online at No Water River, October 2012
"Dressed in Brown" — Babybug, September 2012

"Green In-Between" — Babybug, February 2012

"Find the Missing Sock" — High Five, July 2011

"Subway Ride" — Stories for Children ezine, May 2011

"A Package from Grandma" — Babybug, November 2010

"Whose House" — Babybug, September 2010

See my Tips for Writers for information on getting started with magazine writing.

Work-for-Hire Writing

As a former producer of educational software programs, I’ve worn many different hats in the development of both software and print materials. I’ve written scripts for animations and voiceover narration, on-screen display text, and printed information sheets and worksheets; developed online and print quizzes; created glossaries; written software functional specifications; done photo research; audio editing; and basic Flash prototyping.


My work-for-hire projects have included both fiction and non-fiction writing for students in grades K-8. I have also written teacher’s guides, lesson plans, and other ancillary print materials. As a work-for-hire writer, my strengths are being able to research and write high-quality material with a voice and content that reflect the needs of the project, adhere to project specifications and deadlines, and bring a generalist's knowledge of educational standards and pedagogy to the project. These are some of my recent freelance projects:

• Writing a series of Lexile-leveled reading passages for grade 1-8 reading comprehension practice, as well as comprehension questions aligned with Common Core standards.

• Writing a series of leveled reading passages (fiction and nonfiction) for students in K-2 and grades 6-8.

• Developing glossary entries and online quiz questions for a reading comprehension program.

• Creating an online glossary of scientific terminology for a science program.

• Writing and editing a series of ancillary activities for a social studies program.

• Editing and proofreading teacher’s guides, research reports, and other print materials.

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I've been reading children's books all my life and I'm delighted that now I get to write them, too!


My debut picture book, Dozens of Doughnuts, illustrated by Brianne Farley, will be published by Putnam in summer, 2020. And I'm thrilled to share two more in the works: Don't Hug Doug, illustrated by Daniel Wiseman, coming from Putnam in spring, 2021; and Hurry, Little Tortoise! illustrated by Erin Balzer, coming from Random House in summer, 2022.

I also write poems, stories, and articles for children's magazines like Babybug, Ladybug, High Five, and Highlights.