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Magazine Publications

I love writing for children's magazines! Some of my publications include:

"On a Windy Fall Day" – Hello (forthcoming)

"City Sidewalk after the Rain" – Babybug (forthcoming)

"Mouse's Adventure" – High Five, April 2019

"Name That Baby Animal!" – Ladybug, March 2019

"The Picnic" – Ladybug, March 2019

"Night Train" — Ladybug, February 2019

"A Dinosaur Hatches" — Babybug, January 2019

"Stomp! Chomp! Roar!" — Babybug, October 2017

"Sailboat, Sailboat" — High Five, June 2016

"Plane Tracks" — Ladybug, November/December 2015
"I Am an Owl" — Ladybug, October 2015
"Dinosaur Stomp" — Ladybug, September 2015
"Grandma's Letter" — High Five, September 2015
"Bear Snack" — High Five, July 2015
"The World in a Puddle" — Babybug, October 2014
"Family Band" — Highlights, February 2014
"What Sadie Tied" — Ladybug, September 2013

"Idunno" — online at No Water River, October 2012
"Dressed in Brown" — Babybug, September 2012

"Green In-Between" — Babybug, February 2012

"Find the Missing Sock" — High Five, July 2011

"Subway Ride" — Stories for Children ezine, May 2011

"A Package from Grandma" — Babybug, November 2010

"Whose House" — Babybug, September 2010

See my Tips for Writers for information on getting started with magazine writing.

Work-for-Hire Writing

As a former producer of educational software programs, I’ve worn many different hats in the development of both software and print materials. I’ve written scripts for animations and voiceover narration, on-screen display text, and printed information sheets and worksheets; developed online and print quizzes; created glossaries; written software functional specifications; done photo research; audio editing; and basic Flash prototyping.


My work-for-hire projects have included both fiction and non-fiction writing for students in grades K-8. I have also written teacher’s guides, lesson plans, and other ancillary print materials. As a work-for-hire writer, my strengths are being able to research and write high-quality material with a voice and content that reflect the needs of the project, adhere to project specifications and deadlines, and bring a generalist's knowledge of educational standards and pedagogy to the project. These are some of my recent freelance projects:

• Writing a series of Lexile-leveled reading passages for grade 1-8 reading comprehension practice, as well as comprehension questions aligned with Common Core standards.

• Writing a series of leveled reading passages (fiction and nonfiction) for students in K-2 and grades 6-8.

• Developing glossary entries and online quiz questions for a reading comprehension program.

• Creating an online glossary of scientific terminology for a science program.

• Writing and editing a series of ancillary activities for a social studies program.

• Editing and proofreading teacher’s guides, research reports, and other print materials.

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